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How It Works

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Technical Specifications

All we need from you is simply the technical specifications. You provide us with a free­form document entailing as much detail as possible, and you send it to us!

We Talk Things Over

Nothing ever worked without discussion! That’s why in this step, we take time to sit down with you and pick your brain as to all the specifics. We clarify any questions and we clarify what you need so we can come up with the best, tailor­made service, for you.

We Create A Time Schedule For Each Task

Time is of essence and that’s why on this stage, we estimate in hours how long will each task take, based on the approved document. That way you have a clear idea of when is everything going to be ready, and we have our deadline!

We Get Down To Work

We will use an online management system like Trello, Jira or any program that might suit you better. For our backlog (created tasks) we will create the first sprint and start to work. During this time, you will be able to track the progress of each task and test the results on the DEV version.

Project Deployment

On this stage our work is complete and we’re ready to deploy your project. We can provide you with the right suggestions or alternative as to where you could or should deploy it. We’ll help you decide between deploying it on a dedicated or your own server or we could use Amazon Infrastructure among other programs.

Whether you need

We got you covered.
Technical specifications
Creating tasks